Steps To Do A Winged Eyeliner

It is hard to argue that winged eyeliner could be an alluring and sultry style so long as it is done right. On the other hand, for those who are just starting to learn how to do it, it may be a tricky and complicated skill to master. Fortunately, with some tricks and tips, it is possible to learn the right techniques to use to perfect this look. Here are some steps that can help you out. Here's a good read about  eyeliner stencil amazon, check it out! 

Step number 1. Apply a pencil eyeliner to the upper lash line. In this, you should use a light pencil eyeliner when drawing a thin line as close as possible to the upper lash line. The line has to be as thin as you can create because this will serve as base to your winged eyeliner.

Step number 2. Measure how far out your wings will go. Hold the eyeliner pencil at the end point of the bottom lash line. Then after, point it upward diagonally so by that, it will look like the continuation of the lower lash line. The line should extend diagonally up and out. Say that you got a hooded eyelid, you might have to angle the wing more outward instead of upward to be able to avoid the hooded part of the lid.

Step number 3. Draw a thin diagonal line out which will act as the wing. The line must match roughly the guideline you've visualized when holding the eyeliner pencil against the eyelid. Simply put, it must almost appear like an extension of the lower lash line. To gather more awesome ideas on  eyeliner stickies, click here to get started. 

Step number 4. Create a straight line from the tip to middle of the eyelid. With your eyelids as taut and flat as possible, draw a straight line from the tip of your wing down to the middle part of the upper lash line. Make sure to keep your eyes closed while doing this. Watch with the eye you're not currently working on. Then, put your pointer finger of non dominant hand on the brow bone. Pull the upper lid upward slightly to be able to keep it taut. Using your dominant hand, start drawing the wing lines.

Step number 5. Fill in the outline. Make use of your eyeliner pencil in filling in the winged outline you've just created until all skin between the lines are covered.

Step number 6. Thicken the wing at the inner eyelid. This is going to make it to look like as if the wing is naturally thin as it goes into the eyes.