How to Do a Winged Eyeliner

The winged eyeliner can be an attractive, sultry style if you do it right but for those that are new at applying makeup, it can be challenging to master this skill. With a few tricks and tips, you can know the right techniques to perfect the winged eyeliner look. Learn more about  winged eyeliner tape, go here. 

With a pencil eyeliner that is light, draw a thin line as near to your upper lash as possible. Ensure the line you draw is as thin as possible. It will be the base of your winged eyeliner. You should begin from your eye's inner corner and work as you go toward the outer center. You do not have to make the line perfect as you start even though it must be thin. You will eventually have to go over the line again so do not worry about using a bit of roughness as it will not make a lot of difference at this point. When making the winged eyeliner, ensure that your eyelid is as flat as possible. If required, tilt your head back, barely keeping your eye cracked open while applying the liner. Take a look at this link for more information. 

The step is measuring how far out to take the wing. You do this by holding the end point of the eyeliner pencil. You then point it diagonally, and you will see that it looks like a continuation of the lash line that is lower. If you happen to have a hooded eyelid, you may have to angle the wing more outward rather than upward so that you do not get the hooded part of your lid.

You should then draw a diagonal line which acts as the wing. It should be similar to the extension of your lower lash line. Before starting this process, ensure that you have a mirror nearby and ensure that you work on a stable surface. This will give you more control as you make your wing. Start at the tip of the eyeliner that you have drawn over the upper lash line. At an angle of 45 degrees, draw a diagonal line. This line should be facing in the overall direction of your eyebrow's end. You determine the length of the wing. A short line works best for a subtle winged eyeliner. However, you can opt for a more dramatic one at the lower brow bone. You should never take it all the way up the eyebrow.

The next step is drawing a line that is straight from the middle of your eyelid. Close your eyes as you do this and point your finger on your brow bone pulling the upper lid slowly upward as you maintain the taunt. Draw the wing with the hand that you use most.